ADMIT it, how many times have you gone to the loo and wished you'd taken something to read.

Well, one bloke thought he'd give his girlfriend a helping hand by leaving her a "sweet note" on the toilet roll.

Admittedly, it was more for his own entertainment than hers as he requested she fetch him a beer once she was done.

But it was the perfect spot to have left the note, he thought, as she'd no doubt see it while going about her business.

The cheeky guy in question is TikTok user "Beer Mandan", who filmed the hilarious stunt and shared it on the platform.

In the clip, he unravels the toilet tissue to reveal each section of the message he'd cheekily scribbled on seperate sheets.

The whole message reads: "Maddie, when you get done, get me a beer, thank you."

Although it's unknown whether the woman saw the note, or how she reacted,it's certainly left many people in a fit of giggles.

“Love this, too funny,” one viewer wrote.

Another commented: “He even said thank you so get this man a beer.”

A third pointed out: “I’m pretty sure that took him longer to write that then to get his own beer.”

To which he replied: "Correct"

While a fourth was baffled at how the bloke managed to pull off the trick, asking: “Okay but how did you wrap it back up so neatly?”

Despite finding it amusing, some pointed out it was a waste of toilet paper.

But taking to the comments, the guy reassured everyone it still got used – despite being covered in bright red sharpie.

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