IS trying to work out which foods you can and can’t reheat bringing you to boiling point?

There’s plenty of advice for things like rice, chicken and pork around, but what about reheating prawns?

Can you reheat prawns?

Prawns can be reheated safely, provided that they have been prepared and stored properly.

After you’ve finished eating, always ensure that cooked prawns you want to save for later are refrigerated within two hours of preparing them.

It’s easy to forget about things you’ve bunged in the fridge, so make a note of the date and only reheat and eat them within three days of them first being cooked.

If they’ve been defrosted they shouldn't be refrozen.

What is the best way to reheat prawns?

The best – and only way – to reheat prawns is to reheat them to an internal temperature of at least 165F or 74C.

This is the temperature at which pathogens found in them that can make you ill are killed.

You can easily heat them up on the stove, in the oven or microwave.

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Prawns can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, so whether you’re looking to keep it simple with a touch of olive oil and lemon juice or you’re making a prawn cocktail, there are lots of ways to keep them interesting.

How many times can you reheat prawns?

Tempting as it might be to use up whatever leftovers you can, you should only reheat prawns once.

Seafood is high risk where reheating is concerned.

Eating shellfish that haven’t been stored or prepared safely can lead to food poisoning, including symptoms of diarrhea, nausea and gastroenteritis.

It can also occur when viruses or bacteria are passed from seafood when kitchen equipment like plates and knives aren’t cleaned sufficiently. 

So though they may be delicious, the prawns in the back of your salad drawer probably aren’t worth getting sick for.

Aside from the safety concerns, reheating them will affect the taste and texture of your dish.

Repeatedly reheating prawns renders them tough and inedible, so it’s much better to serve them while they’re fresh.

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