COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL: Four months after Byredo launched into makeup with the first products of its iconoclastic collection, the brand is poised to come out with an 18-color eye shadow palette on Feb. 1.

Byredo Makeup is the brainchild of Ben Gorham, the brand’s founder and creative director, and makeup artist and collaborator Isamaya Ffrench.

“The Prismic palette is something really fun and expressive — colorful and optimistic,” said Gorham. “It’s also more extensive from a color point of view than the smaller compacts we have done, or than the individual Colour Sticks. People can really go to town with the contrasting color combinations or keep it tonal. Of course, as masks are part of daily life, the eyes have become more of a focal point.

“This palette is pure escapism. It’s technically really comprehensive, with textures and finishes that can be blended easily,” he continued.


“The Byredo Prismic palette is packed full of gorgeous, wearable, high-def color,” said Ffrench. “It’s a versatile palette that allows you to create supersoft color when dry or high-impact, dense color with a rich metallic texture when wet. It is truly a rainbow spectrum of color.

“Makeup has become so formalized in application — especially for eyes — so I decided to keep all the colors light and bold, leaving it up to the wearer to decide how they combine them,” she added.

The Prismic Eye Shadow Palette 18 Colours’ campaign was lensed by Roxy Lee.

Gorham said Byredo’s color story will keep unfolding, with new product iterations dropping in April, May and June.

Byredo Makeup is sold on and in 45 doors worldwide. In 2021, it will launch in new locations as well as in some in some of Byredo’s existing beauty doors, according to Gorham.


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