JAN 21 – FEB 18

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As generous Jupiter gets ready to track back, use this week to get spending and saving sorted.  Cash-wise, but also in terms  of emotional balance.  A time of over-giving can end when you ask for more equality.

Luck is close when you choose some family birthday numbers – and Saturn and Uranus lead you towards a home that’s so unusual, yet instantly feels so right.

DESTINY DAYS: The second “V” call on Tuesday can reap rewards.  Cut
through cash red tape on Thursday.  Love answers with a “?” On Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS: A vehicle with a damaged wing mirror.  Two families
recently joined into one.  An address that includes “Place”

I CHING INSIGHT: Instead of passively waiting for love or luck to find
you, you plan an active process of finding it for yourself – this is the
key message of your symbol, for this week, INCREASE.

This identifies the one person who can unlock the perfect future for you – and that person is yourself.

So instead of sitting on the fence, make calm, clear choices – even if they surprise or shock other people.

True freedom increases risk – but also increases rewards. If you’re single,
this can include a choice between two totally different passion prospects.

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