A SHOPPER has hit out at PrettyLittleThing after claiming she opened a package containing her new clothes – only to find bugs inside. 

Tamera Wallwork treated herself to a spot of retail therapy over lockdown, splashing out a whopping £174 on nine items. 

The 23-year-old, from Manchester, excitedly ripped open the package when it arrived last month, but a few minutes later she claimed to have spotted a bug on her pillow.

Tamera claims it came from the inside the package, saying: “This all happened about 10 mins after opening the parcel.

“I emptied the package on my bed and began to open it all and noticed a bug on my pillow.

“I heard stories of other people also finding bugs in PrettyLittleThing packages, so I started panicking and checked the rest of the parcel to then find what seemed to be bugs inside the lining of a white top I got.”

Tamera claims to have found live bugs in the seam of the Cream Slinky One Shoulder Square Hem Long Top, which she bought for £8.40. 

She flushed the bug away, and immediately set about changing her bedding, and left the bag of clothes outside for fear of contamination.

“People were saying it was a carpet bug and that they can breed, so I immediately changed my bedding, hoovered my mattress and carpets thoroughly and put the parcel and clothes outside my house,” she explained. 

Tamera shared snaps of her haul to Facebook, and tweeted the company’s customer service account, asking for a refund. 

But she says the team responded, telling her a third-party had inspected the warehouse, and found no evidence of an infestation. 

Tamera fumed: “I sent most of the clothes back as they’d sent me the wrong size in one of the tops, the other top had the bugs inside the lining and there were other items I sent back.

“They didn’t offer to compensate me which I wasn’t too bothered about I just more expected an apology and some sort of resolution or accountability for the issue but I didn’t even get that.

“I just kept being told that they’ve already had a third-party company in to inspect the warehouse and there’s been no evidence of bugs in there.

“Yet since I posted my post on Facebook many people commented photos on the post of the same bug also in their parcels.

“I was disappointed as I shop with PrettyLittleThing, and don’t tend to have any issues except things being missed off orders but they are normally pretty good at rectifying things.

“Obviously, not in this case so I reported it to trading standards and left it as I was getting nowhere with them!”

Tamera’s Facebook post, where she shared snaps of the clothes, racked up more than 1,000 likes and comments. 

She wrote: “DO NOT order off PLT all these claims about people having fleas and that in their parcels are NOT a joke (despite PLT denying it on their social media).

“I am MORTIFIED I emptied the parcel on my bed and opened it all etc 10 mins later I see this on my pillow and then notice some MOVING BUGS in the lining of this white top.

“I’ve now packaged it all back up and put it on the landing whilst I strip my bed and hoover / dis infect my mattress and my whole room ON MY DAY OFF WORK.

“I’m just so glad I didn’t actually try any of it on !!”

Fabulous Digital has reached out to PrettyLittleThing for a comment.

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