9 Swimsuit Hacks I Found on TikTok That Make Me Feel Bikini Savvy and Then Some

It’s easy enough to find a swimsuit you like, buy it, and wear it, but it’s 2021, and we’re way more creative than that. TikTok users bring us countless ways to get more bang for our buck when it comes to repurposing bikinis, so you can keep just a select few in rotation and make them feel brand new each time you wear them.

My personal favorite hack just might be looping two differently colored or differently textured bikini bottoms over each shoulder and twisting them across your mid-section so that you’ve got a makeshift colorblock top (that’s number nine on this list if you already want to jump ahead, FYI!). But we’re also seeing a certain trend take hold for bikini lovers who are partial to a one-shoulder top. These people are using just one bottom to fashion into a brand new top, perfect for styling into a mix-and-match look.

Whether you need ideas for organization, tips for saving money on building your collection, or ways to extend the life of a favorite design, there’s definitely an exciting trick here you’ll be glad to learn from TikTok’s best of the best. Teach one to a friend or two and you’ll instantly feel incredibly smart and savvy.

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