Uber already offers delivery and ride-sharing but the company is apparently expanding into a service that conducts tasks and errands for you. According to Bloomberg, Uber engineers are working on a new service called “Chore.”

The code for this was discovered by Steve Moser within the Uber app for iOS. That version demonstrates that Chore will enable its users to hire “taskers” for certain tasks, similar to how TaskRabbit works.

Users will have to specify the task they need to be completed, as well as when they want their tasker to show up and how long it’s expected to take. The app will then calculate a fee for the task before allowing the user to book someone.

While Moser didn’t specify the type of tasks that could be booked, he noted that the minimum amount of time allowed to book someone is one hour, so future users should be prepared to pay for at least that much time.

Uber has yet to officially share any details about Chore itself. It’s possible the feature gets scrapped before even going public but users will simply have to wait and see.

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