London-based musician Bakar has just returned with a new single titled “I’m Done,” his latest drop in a series of releases that are building up to his forthcoming album, Halo, expected to be released on September 22.

Coming as a sonic counterpart to his 2018-released mixtape BADKID, Bakar’s upcoming album will also be accompanied by a full tour, including a sold-out UK run in November.

Bakar’s “I’m Done” is his latest single in the run-up to the album release, coming soon after the presentation of “Right Here, For Now” and “Alive!” Drawing from a melange of different musical inspirations, “I’m Done” is an example of Bakar’s ability to blend techniques, using his silky-smooth melodies to complement a series of stagnant drum sequences and lo-fi piano keys. Lyrically, Bakar’s latest tune draws from a past love affair and the heartbreak that comes with a breakup.

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Additionally, Bakar has enlisted British-Nigerian multidisciplinary artist and friend Slawn to create alternative artwork for his new project. Slawn’s work is used for the exclusive cassette tape edition of Halo, with only 500 copies available to pre-order from Bakar’s website.You can check out Slawn’s artwork along with Bakar’s latest release above.In other music news, listen to Lancey Foux’s new project.
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