It’s no secret that Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship is flourishing — and honestly, they’re not trying to keep it all that private. The couple, who got together early in 2021, have been flooding social media with cute couple pics and intimate glimpses of their date nights together. But a recent movie night that the two shared to Instagram, involving a viewing of the movie True Romance, didn’t exactly leave Barker’s ex Shanna Moakler all that pleased, and there’s a good reason why.

But first, let’s back up a little bit. Kardashian’s latest instagram post featured a series of videos and snapshots from a night on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, watching the 1993 film with Barker by her side. The evening featured a fire pit, s’mores, and even fireworks. Kardashian also showed fans a few clips from the film, which notably included actress Patricia Arquette.

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While the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s post got a lot of love, there was one person who was not a fan — Barker’s ex-wife. In a since-deleted Instagram Story post captured by Cosmopolitan, Moakler shared a photo of Arquette in the movie with blood running down her face and giving the finger! But this apparent diss goes a lot deeper than we thought.

For Barker and Moakler, True Romance wasn’t just a movie — it was the theme of their 2004 wedding. “The movie, True Romance, that I feel like they’ve been bonding over was the theme of our wedding. Our daughter’s named after the character in the movie,” Moakler told People in May 2021. Clearly, the film still holds a lot of significance for Moakler, who’s now watching her ex and his new partner bond over it in real time. And to see it all playing out in the public eye — well, no wonder Moakler seemingly reacted the way that she did!

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