Every new release you need to listen to…

The Glastonbury line-up is out, Dave managed to fulfil his two nights at the O2 despite Tube strikes and a recently missing roof, and the new releases are coming in full pelt.

It’s a good time for music, and this week we have everything from Frank Sinatra samples to lasagne references and interesting origin stories.

Here’s every track you need on your radar this week…

  • 1. Dave: Starlight

    From a flame-throwing Brit Awards performance to two acclaimed nights at the O2, Dave has been working hard. So hard, in fact, that he’s also thrown some new music out there as well and, of course, it’s excellent. Effortlessly perfect flow, an interpolation of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon, and the artist’s classic sharp lyricism. It’s pure Dave. 

  • 2. Haim: Lost Track

    Because it wasn’t enough to simply be in a wildly successful band together, Haim recently starred in the Academy Award-nominated Licorice Pizza (along with their parents). Now, they’ve released a new song complete with a music video from the film’s director, Paul Thomas Anderson, inspired by a character throwing a drink in someone’s face at a country club in the book Appointment In Samarra.

  • 3. Wet Leg: Angelica

    By now you’ll know that we’re big fans of Wet Leg, aka Isle of Wight duo Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, and their sardonic take on everything from unwillingly being the star of your ex’s sexy dream to mild quarter-life crises. With their debut album less than a month away, Wet Leg have dropped a new track, Angelica, named after Rhian’s oldest friend, which chronicles an underwhelming party featuring lasagne and overrated vibes. 

  • 4. Knucks: Leon The Professional

    North-west London rapper Knucks has gone from using beats he found on Limewire to practise his flow to being one of the most accomplished artists on the London scene. His new track Leon The Professional combines a drill-style bassline with a classical sample and Knucks’ distinctive storytelling lyricism about the rise and fall of a character who has reached mythical status in his hometown. 

  • 5. Krush Puppies: Love Kills The Demons

    In one of our favourite band origin stories, Krush Puppies met in the queue for Pets at Home on London’s Old Kent Road and bonded over being pet owners with a shared taste for experimental post-punk. Some would call it niche, we call it fate. Their new song weaves lush vocals with fuzzy, soft grunge to describe overcoming night terrors.

  • 6. Kamal: Nowhere To Hide

    The 19-year-old, Harlesden, north-west London-hailing artist Kamal is already creating a fair bit of hype after earning the support of Billie Eilish and Dave with his stripped-back bedroom pop. His latest track, Nowhere To Hide, sees him continue his ascent, with a perfectly formed song about materialism and its failure to fill the void of loneliness.

  • 7. Noon Garden: Beulah Spa

    Noon Garden, aka Charles Prest, has shared the first song from his debut album, and with an addictive guitar refrain and psychedelic tinged influences, it’s about to become a key member of your playlist. “Beulah Spa is a melting pot of Ethio-jazz-inspired rhythms and melodies dressed up with a modern twist and taking influence from the likes of Tears For Fears and classic psychedelic rock,” Noon Garden says of the track.

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