Japanese bike manufacturer ICOMA has released a foldable electric motorcycle, dubbed the Tatamel Bike, that can be manipulated to fit into small spaces for convenient storage.

When fully unfolded, the motorcycle measures 1230mm long, 1000mm tall and 650mm wide. In its folded position, the bike shrinks down considerably to only 700mm long, 680mm tall and 260mm wide. The front of the bike folds up and locks into place when ready to ride, while the back of the vehicle extends from underneath a side panel and rests on a kickstand once fully removed.

The bike enlists a lithium iron phosphate battery, which can power the Tatamel to a top speed of 40 km/h. With a portable power supply, the bike is capable of cruising for roughly 50 km on one charge.

ICOMA’s latest design features rectangular side panels, which riders can customize with various colors and materials as well as illustrations or specific signage. The contemporary bike’s seat is fitted above the side panel with a flat top, while the handlebars extend outward from the front of the motorized two-wheeler.

At this time, the company is currently developing the Tatamel for mass production and has not disclosed a release date or price information.

Take a look at the bike in motion in the video above.

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