It’s no secret that director Stanley Kubrick had some, erm, unorthodox ways of getting the perfect film, to put it lightly. We all know about the unconventional means he used to the actors on the set of The Shining, and apparently Eyes Wide Shut was just as grueling for the actors.

For those that don’t know, Eyes Wide Shut is the 1999 erotic thriller that follows a doctor (played by Tom Cruise) who is shocked to discover his wife (played by Nicole Kidman) wants to have an affair, so they try to go on sexy adventures to rekindle the flame, but with every thriller, things get super dark.

At the time, Cruise and Kidman were married in real life, but many have speculated that this film’s rules were the first step in their eventual breakup in 2001. However, that’s not exactly the case, but the disturbing rules did take a major toll on them.

EYES WIDE SHUT, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, 1999 (image upgraded 18 x 11.9 in). Everett Collection.

Kubrick reportedly wanted to shoot “six days’ worth of sex scenes” and had a bunch of conditions for Kidman and Cruise to follow. There would be around 50 poses to try out, and the two weren’t allowed to discuss anything with one another, per MenzMag. In fact, Kubrick reportedly made the rule that they couldn’t discuss anything about these shoots on set or at home.

And to further get them in the headspace for this couple, Kubrick allegedly went as far as to make them stay apart altogether unless they were filming scenes together, according to Slash Film.

Now, did these rules take a poll on them? Yes, that’s been proven by multiple insiders and outlets. However, Kidman herself says she didn’t think this film marked the beginning of the end of her marriage to Cruise.

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