It seems Ron DeSantis may be preparing for the worst, but according to his campaign manager, that may be exactly what they want.

With the first GOP debate in the 2024 presidential race happening on Aug 23, all eyes were on what could happen that week. From the debate to whether Donald Trump’s campaign advisor was right about him turning himself in, everyone is waiting to see what happens.

DeSantis’ new superstar campaign manager James Uthmeier recently sent out a memo to donors and supporters, which was obtained by AOL. The memo states that this presidential run is a “two-man race” between DeSantis and former US President Donald Trump. Because of this, DeSantis’s campaign is reportedly “fully prepared” to be “on the receiving end of false, desperate charges from other candidates and the legacy media.”

Uthmeier even poked the bear with the other candidates, saying it’s their “biggest chance yet to grab headlines by attacking the governor, so we know they will try their best.”

Along with that, there was another bombshell that recently came out about DeSantis’s debate strategy. According to AOL via the PAC Never Back Down memo given to the New York Times, DeSantis is advised to “hammer” entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and defend Trump, but on one condition. And if he’s attacked by other Republic presidential candidate Chris Christie. But despite this advice, DeSantis’ said to FOX that he’s “not going to influence what I do. We’re gonna go, and we’re gonna speak the truth and we’re looking forward to getting the job done.”

Clearly, many want to know what DeSantis will do come Aug 23. While many think the PAC’s details will come into play, The Courage to Be Free author’s team’s memo indicates he may be playing more on the defensive side than the offensive.

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