After the return of its Flamin’ Hot Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell is adding new Flatbread Tacos onto the menu.

The Flatbread Tacos now come in either Loaded Chicken or Beefy Potato variations. The Loaded Chicken Flatbread Taco is packed with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese and the Mexican fast-food chain’s avocado ranch sauce, while the Beefy Potato Flatbread Taco is stuffed with seasoned ground beef, potatoes and chipotle sauce.

Ready your bellies for the release of the new tacos which will be available across the country starting July 22. Taco Bell is also giving early access to Rewards Members to new items from July 19 to 21 through its mobile app.

Elsewhere in food, Domino’s Pizza Japan launched an all-in-one 4-flavor pizza.
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