In celebration of EVO over the weekend, Capcom has dropped a new trailer showcasing the gameplay for two characters coming to Street Fighter 6: the brand new Kimberly and the returning Juri. Kimberly will be making her debut in the Street Fighter universe with the latest game, and the developer describes her as a “spunky new ninja” who “utilizes traditional ninja techniques with an urban twist complete with spray cans and her trusty portable cassette player.” Most notably, she’ll be the very first African-American female character to join the massively popular fighting game franchise, bringing a much welcome breath of fresh air to a series that is now 35 years old.

As for Juri, the beloved character made her debut in Street Fighter IV and will now be returning once again, but this time round Capcom says she’ll offer players “a familiar yet altered moveset” to keep things interesting. You can catch a glimpse of her show-stealing motorcycle entrance and fighting style in the trailer up above.

For fans of the franchise, Street Fighter 6 will arrive sometime in 2023.

In other gaming news, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has announced its open beta dates.
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