Spider-Man: No Way Home returned to the top of the box office for Labor Day Weekend nine months after its release.

According to reports, the Sony film earned $6 million USD from 3,935 theaters over the weekend and is expected to close out with $7.6 million USD on Monday. The film’s jump to No. 1 is due to the lack of major releases as summer winds down and the Tom Holland-starring title, which originally premiered last December, was re-released by the studio with a promising 11 minutes of extra footage. This bumps up No Way Home’s total domestic earnings to $812.3 million USD, keeping it as the third-highest grossing movie in North America.

Meanwhile, Paramount and Tom Cruise‘s Top Gun: Maverick trails at No. 2 with $5.5 million USD in earnings from the weekend and is projected to close out with $7 million USD on Monday. The film is currently in its 15th weekend of its release and is still playing in a total of 3,113 venues, grossing $700.33 million USD so far.

Elsewhere in entertainment, Marvel has released a deleted scene from Thor: Love and Thunder.
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