I first suffered from anxiety when I was 21. I remember being so scared that I was dying because I had terrible insomnia, was constantly exhausted and would get excruciating  stomach aches. On top of that I’d often feel panicked and fearful, but have no idea why.

Eventually, after living like that for about a year, I burst into tears in front of my mum and all my feelings and worries came tumbling out.

Mum listened carefully and then she said, ‘you might have anxiety’. Her words became the first step in me getting help and I ended up seeing a therapist for support.

Now I’m 28 and have developed all sorts of coping mechanisms, where if I feel a certain way or if things go badly, then I know what I can do. 

Being in the public eye and on social media can be tough sometimes and I remember at first feeling worried that perhaps people might think I was milking it and wouldn’t believe that I had suffered from depression and anxiety if I spoke about it.

But the more I talked, the more I understood that so many people struggle with their mental health. I also realised that my experience was valid and I have every right to be open about it.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to be guest social media editor for Metro.co.uk’s Mental Health Awareness Takeover. It’s so important that we keep talking about mental health and never dismiss how someone might feel. 

Today you’ll find me over on Metro.co.uk’s Instagram account, answering any mental health related questions you might have and talking about my own experiences.

Sometimes it feels like life can go a bit off topic, so I think that if I talk about how I’m feeling it might encourage others too. 

I still get anxiety – not as bad as I used to – which is why I want people to realise that all mental health struggles are valid, whether you’re going through a deep depression or are just having a few off days.

Your wellbeing matters, so if you want to talk about it, then talk about it. Because the more we speak out, the more we help. 

Metro.co.uk MHAW Takeover

This year, to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Metro.co.uk has invited eight well-known mental health advocates to take over our site.

With a brilliant team that includes Alex Beresford, Russell Kane, Frankie Bridge, Anton Ferdinand, Sam Thompson, Scarlett Moffatt, Katie Piper and Joe Tracini, each of our guest editors have worked closely with us to share their own stories, and also educate, support and engage with our readers.

If you need help or advice for any mental health matter, here are just some of the organisations that were vital in helping us put together our MHAW Takeover:

  • Mental Health Foundation
  • Rethink Mental Illness
  • Samaritans
  • Mind

To contact any of the charities mentioned in the Metro.co.uk MHAW Takeover click here

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