The latest streetwear apparel to come out of the © SAINT M ×××××× (SAINT MICHAEL) and Denim Tears‘ Saint Tears collaboration is an exclusive release of the brands’ first stadium jacket.

This Spring/Summer 2021 season, Denim Tears by Tremaine Emory was asked to partner with SAINT MICHAEL on a handful of pieces that blended together with the Japanese and American stylings of the brands. Founded by READYMADE designer Yuta Hosokawa and artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt, the emerging label has quickly made a name for itself in the fashion industry, focusing on vintage-inspired apparel. Just recently, SAINT MICHAEL dropped the second collection of its sophomore range, highlighting staples with minimalist “SAINT” branding and typography.

The letterman jacket is the first-ever of the collaboration collection and comes in a varsity-emerald green colorway. The jacket intermixes the identities of both brands, featuring an abundance of brand emblems on all sides of the jacket. The graphics on the back showcases the phrase “CHOOSE YOUR SAVIOR” in all caps and in miscellaneous fonts and a diverse range of colors.

The front of the jacket reads a quote stitched in golden yellow, along with the name of the collaboration Saint Tears. The left side also features M and S varsity patches in blue and red block letters, symbolizing the SAINT MICHAEL branding. Additional biblical-themed patches are seen stitched onto the cow leather arms.

The Saint Tears stadium jacket will be available starting February 27 SAINT MICHAEL stores and select online retailers.

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