Don’t get Donald Trump Jr. started when it comes to Utah senator Mitt Romney. As the Republican has gone against party lines in recent years in objection against Donald Trump, Trump’s son suggested he should switch teams. “Isn’t it time for Mitt Romney [to] just become a Democrat once and for all?” Don Jr. tweeted on Feb. 23, 2021, with a link to a video message shared on Rumble.

In the clip, he went on to explain how he’s observed the Republican’s behavior over the last couple of years swaying towards the left — citing how Romney didn’t vote for Trump in 2020. Additionally, Don Jr. recalled how Romney was opposed to the former president’s stimulus bill in December 2020, though he claims he’s supporting the bill proposed by President Joe Biden which is “over two times more” than Trump’s. (Notably, Romney denounced Biden’s bill in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Feb. 23, 2020.)

Continuing, he said he isn’t sure if Romney’s state of Utah would agree with their senator, incorrectly stating that Utah is the second most conservative state, when in fact it’s actually the ninth, according to the World Population Review. However, Don Jr. said the people of Utah “believe in conservatism and yet you seem to have someone that’s a cheerleader either for the Democrats or for Joe Biden.” Keep scrolling to see what else Don Jr. said about the former presidential candidate.

Don Jr. claims Mitt Romney is scared of the media

As Donald Trump Jr. explained his case for Sen. Mitt Romney to switch parties, he suggested that the politician’s opposition against Donald Trump is a result of “simply [being] too afraid to stand up to the media,” adding he “took the media’s claims of racism, and showmanism, and sexism and all of these things to heart.”

He continued, “The same media that destroyed Mitt Romney’s pathetic presidential run, which by the way gave you Trump, so maybe we have to thank him for being so bad.” However, Don Jr. claimed Romney “would still rather be loved by those who destroyed his presidential run than represent the people of Utah.”

He went on to suggest the media only approves of Romney because he opposes Trump, claiming he’s more loyal to the media than his fellow Republicans. Calling him “pathetic,” “weak,” and a “useful idiot” to the media “so long as he’s going against Trump,” he continued to plead for Romney to trade teams and spoke directly to the politician, stating, “You can be loved by those who hate you rather than be loved by those who actually elected you into office.”

On Twitter some people praised Don Jr.’s remarks while others slammed him for being antagonizing. “Isn’t it time for the political BULLIES to go away!!!!!” someone tweeted. “He’s entitled to have his beliefs without other (Trump bullies) peer pressuring him or anyone.”

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