READYMADE has crafted a Kermit The Frog-looking stuffed animal using a variety of vintage bandanas — dubbed “Multi-Bandana Frog Man.”

Like the green muppet, READYMADE’s plush toy comes with a pair of white semi-spheres that resemble the character’s ping-pong ball eyes. It also features long, skinny arms and legs with a round body. Standing 125 centimeters tall, the figures are handmade, using only repurposed American bandanas, so each model will have unique patterns, washes, and textures.

READYMADE’s “Multi-Bandana Frog Man” is currently available at ROYAL FLASH in Jingumae, Tokyo for ¥100,000 JPY (approximately $947 USD).

In case you missed it, here’s a detailed look at the READYMADE x Nike Blazer.

6 Chome−18−8, New Sekiguchi Building 1/F
Shibuya, Jingumae
Tokyo, Japan
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