Due to COVID-19, movie theaters have been struggling to get back to normal with many closing in the past year and being unable to maintain a steady flow for weekly film releases. As cinemas became a less frequent stop for movie lovers, cinephiles turned to streaming platforms to rediscover vintage classics or new releases. While audiences have been able to return to the theaters to watch releases on the big screen, they are still facing hardship to get back to pre-pandemic numbers.

In a recent interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, critically acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino made his case for movie theaters, hoping to persuade fans to support the cinema. Tarantino could be heard saying,

“TV is good…but it’s also a disposable experience. There is an aspect about it being disposable. When a movie comes out that you’re interested enough to see, and it makes you leave your house and buy a ticket. You could do anything in the world you want that night, but you decide to go to see a film. One film in particular…And you go and see it and you buy a ticket and you sit down and you have an experience — and you have an experience with a bunch of strangers. And at that moment, once the movie gets going, once the lights are down, you become a collective.”

Tarantino also added that often times going to the cinema is not just about having a postive experience, but having “a good experience, those are the things that stay in your mind and that you remember for the rest of your life. And they become indelible snapshots.”

Watch the conversation below.

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