PSA has just announced that it has officially caught up with all its backloaded cards for grading. What began as a temporary suspension in March 2021, has now ended thanks to a capacity expansion.

In 2021, PSA was experiencing more than 500,000 card entries a week resulting in a backlog of more than 12 million cards. “We know that customers have been looking forward to this day for a long time so we thank them all for their patience,” said Kevin Lenane, PSA President. “We never could have anticipated the flood of submissions that we saw last year and our entire team has been focused on getting back to where we are today.”

The new expansion includes a new 130,000-square-foot facility in New Jersey, 1,200 total team members, and a new PSA Economy service submission for all customers with no Collectors Club membership requirement.

In other trading card news, this rare Pokémon TCG Blastoise Card features a WOTC Magic: The Gathering card back.
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