Virgil Abloh‘s

In honor of this, Abloh has created a series of necklaces in the “Around the World” capsule. Visiting 12 cities over 12 months, Louis Vuitton will be releasing a necklace at each city that will be limited to just 12 units per design, each numbered and served in a specially-designed package.

For the month of April, Louis Vuitton stops by Dubai for the DXB-exclusive “Around the World” LV Chain Links necklace. Colored crystals, enamel, plexiglass inserts and the house monogram will find themselves on each piece. On the Dubai-exclusive piece, Louis Vuitton opts for a combination of — wait for it — gray monogram, blue-on-white enamel monogram, green-on-gold plexiglass, green-on-dark gray plexiglass, purple stones, clear stones, silver monogram, blue-on-white enamel monogram, green-on-gold, black-on-gold monogram, silver monogram, purple stones, blue stones, clear stones, green-on-gold, black-on-gold monogram, and finally, silver monogram.

This pattern works it way around the piece clockwise, while a clasp in the middle is once more decorated with the house monogram print. An LV tag is attached to the necklace via a small silver chain, as is the DXB dog tag that further shows this piece is limited to Dubai only.

These collector’s pieces are numbered from one to 12 and each comes in a pouch made from recycled fabrics from the SS20 collection. Louis Vuitton will also be stopping by Los Angeles in May, London in June, Seoul in July, Singapore in August, Chicago in September, Milan in October, Hong Kong in November, and Miami in December, as it has already visited Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo this year thus far.

Take a look at the Dubai-exclusive Louis Vuitton “Around the World” LV Chain Links necklace above, and find out more at Louis Vuitton boutiques in Dubai now.

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