Think being ghosted is the worst thing that can happen to you on a dating app? Netflix’s new true crime documentary, The Tinder Swindler, has released an explosive new trailer which follows the women who were conned out of millions of dollars by a playboy scammer.

Our love for true crime knows no bounds, from wild conspiracies to the most spine-tingling of gruesome crimes. 

But whether it’s a gripping podcast about Anna Delvey, the “fake heiress” who tricked the world into thinking she was a German socialite or ‘true crime comedies’ about the art of the scam, there’s nothing that fascinates us more than a good con.

Luckily for us, Netflix are always on hand with brand new true crime content for us to sink our teeth into – and they may have served us their most extravagant grift story yet.

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The Tinder Swindler, due to be released next month (2 February), tells the absolutely jaw-dropping story of a prolific conman who posed as a billionaire playboy on Tinder, and tricked women out of millions of dollars.

After being announced back in September last year, it seems like we’ve been eagerly awaiting a trailer and now, the time has finally come. In the explosive trailer for The Tinder Swindler, the true extent of Simon’s cons are hard to ignore but most chillingly of all is the fact that the stories from each of the women are so similar that they can almost (and in the trailer, do) finish each others sentences.

Cecilie Fjellhoy was one of the victims of The Tinder Swindler’s con operation.

“He took me to a five star hotel”, “it felt like we had a special connection”, “it felt like something out of a movie” – it may seem hard to believe that such a connection was found in the depths of Tinder but all three women share anecdotes that frame Simon as the ‘perfect man’.

With a supposed threat looming over Simon, he lured each woman in by stating that “his life depended on [them]” but it becomes clear, when officials knock on Cecilie’s door, that “the man I loved was never real – everything’s a lie.”

As Simon begins to send threatening messages and the women describe the ordeal as “hell”, location names flash throughout the trailer revealing the true geographical extent of his con operation: London, Rome, Barcelona, Mykonos, Tel Aviv.

If the trailer is anything to go by, this documentary is set to be one of Netflix’s most jaw-dropping yet – we can’t wait. Watch the new trailer here:

As per Variety, the documentary tells the story of Israeli fraudster Shimon Hayut, who conned Scandinavian women – like Cecilie Fjellhoy – into parting with hundreds of thousands of dollars by pretending to be a Russian oligarch named Simon Leviev on the popular dating app.

While playing the persona of billionaire businessman, Hayut conned his victims into taking out lines of credit for him under their names in order to pay for what he claimed were extensive security needs due to his notoriety. 

According to the documentary’s official synopsis: “Where this fairytale ends, a revenge thriller begins. Cecilie discovers his other targets and once they band together, they’re victims no more: the Tinder Swindler meets his match.”

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The series will be directed by Felicity Morris, the talent behind Netflix’s chilling Don’t F*** With Cats and will follow the women who were conned by Hayut as they uncover his true identity and bring him to justice.

Hayut was eventually imprisoned for fraud in December 2019, but only served five months of a 15-month jail sentence. But that wasn’t the end of his story. 

Now the women who emptied their life savings, remortgaged their houses and gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars want redemption. We say, strap in for a documentary rollercoaster like no other – it’s set to be a wild one.

The Tinder Swindler will be available to stream on Netflix on 2 February.

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