Nobody’s perfect! A lot goes into the making of major Hollywood productions, so it’s understandable when mishaps go unnoticed from time to time.

Games of Thrones, for example, is an award-winning and critically acclaimed HBO series. And yet, the production still suffered several onscreen goofs during its eight-season run, including the Starbucks coffee cup that was accidentally left behind in a scene with Emilia Clarke from the final season.

Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen on the show, later revealed the culprit to be none other than Conleth Hill.

“We had, like, a party before the Emmys recently, and Conleth Hill, who plays Varys, who’s sitting next to me in that scene — he pulls me aside and he’s like, ‘Emilia, I’ve got to tell you something,’” she said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in October 2019. “‘I’ve got to tell you something, love. The coffee cup was mine!’ It was his! It was Conleth’s coffee cup. He said so! He’s like, ‘I think so, I’m sorry darling, I didn’t want to say anything because it seemed the heat was very much on you.’”

Bridgerton was no exception to mistakes either. Not long after the series debuted on Netflix in December 2020, eagle-eyed fans began to notice major historical blunders. “Two episodes into #Bridgerton and I’ve so far spotted a single yellow line and a telecoms manhole cover. I didn’t realize the 19th Century Brits were such pioneers,” one viewer tweeted in January 2021.

Many people also spotted posters for Primark, a retail chain founded in 1969, hanging in the windows at points. Meanwhile, another watcher called attention to the “seedless grapes” that were used in a fruit bowl during one scene. “They wouldn’t have been around in the 1800’s. They should’ve used a seeded variety for historical accuracy,” the person tweeted.

As the Stars Wars franchise spawned nine films (known as the Skywalker saga) since the 1970s, there were bound to be some goofs that slipped through the cracks.

In the first installment, titled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, one of the stormtroopers — who was played by actor Laurie Goode — was caught accidentally banging his head.

“On the second day of filming, I developed an upset stomach. By midmorning I had paid three to four visits to the loo/bathroom. Having re-dressed myself and returned to the set, I felt the need to rush back to the gents’ toilets, but I was placed in [the] shot,” Goode recalled to The Hollywood Reporter in 2017 of the moments leading up to the head bump. “On about the fourth take, as I shuffled along, I felt my stomach rumbling, and ‘bang,’ I hit my head! As I wasn’t moving too fast, it was more of a scuffed bash, so it didn’t hurt, but as no one shouted ‘cut,’ I thought the shot wasn’t wide enough for me to be in frame.”

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