Doja Cat is doing social media right because whenever she gets the chance, she goes on Instagram Live to deliver some quality content. In the past, she’s given previews of unreleased songs, reacted to viral videos requested by fans, and done mini concerts dressed in the most random outfits. Now, fans can’t get over Doja Cat’s impressions of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande in her Jan. 27 livestream because they’re spot on.

Doja started by mimicking Beyoncé’s infectious laugh. "She be laughing like this," the rapper said while chuckling over and over again. "It’s like a cough laugh or it kind of cuts off." She then tried putting herself in Beyoncé’s shoes by pretending to scold her daughter, Blue Ivy. "Oh my god, stop it! Blue, sit down!" she shouted. By then, she was laughing so hard that she went out of frame, and fans found it hilarious.

"The Beyoncé one was FUNNY ASFFZFGDH," one fan reacted. "I love her so much," another said. "Th*s shit has me crying," a third tweeted.

Doja once credited Beyoncé for inspiring her career, so it’s no surprise she nailed her voice as a long-time member of the BeyHive. "Beyoncé is the reason why I believe I can be who I am," the rapper said in a May 2020 TikTok.

Doja also imitated Grande by repeating "Yeah" in a sweet, high-pitched voice. In October 2020, Doja featured on Grande’s Positions track "Motive," and on Jan. 15, she joined her again for a remix of "34+35" featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Considering Doja’s worked with Grande time and time again, it makes sense she would nail her Grande impression as well.

Doja then attempted Gaga by singing "Paparazzi" in the singer’s signature raspy voice. "We are the crowd/ We’re c-coming out," Doja began, before launching into "You and I."

"She does something really interesting with her throat, but I can’t nail it," she said. (Doja was totally wrong because her impression was everything.)

The rapper finished off by imitating Megan’s iconic ad libs.

Watch the highlights from Doja’s livestream below.

Doja’s IG Lives never disappoint, but it’s going to be hard topping this one.

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