Designer Kobayashi Setsumasa set the groundwork for Mountain Research in 1994 and hasn’t stopped putting out adventurous revisions of outdoor apparel since. Inspired by all manner of pop culture but especially that of the ’80s British punks, Setsumasa infuses whimsy into functional shapes, made especially apparent by his label’s Spring/Summer 2021 offering.

Styled atop its latest Reebok collaboration and a forthcoming Classic Leather, Mountain Research’s latest certainly lives up to its name. Each look displays an investigative approach to mountainwear, packing pockets into overshirts and vests, infusing sweaters with zippers so as to create customizable layers and lacing up a T-shirt’s back panel like a dressy waistcoat.

Deconstructed plaid flannel shirts, skirt-like aprons and mesh layers create dynamic layering opportunities, accessorized with knit hats, graphic caps and mesh bags. Patchwork detailing appears throughout, as demonstrated by stitched-on and safety-pinned panels that gently clash against the navy and earth-toned fatigue pants. Bold madras patterns and plenty of text (“FUTURE,” “Holidays In The Mountains”) play off the rich visual chaos.

Visit Setsumasa’s SETT Co. website for a closer look at Mountain Research’s oeuvre.

Currently, Mountain Research is preparing for its FUTUR pop-up event.
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