Expanding on its area of expertise in producing guitar effects pedals, trucks, and other accessories, Mooer Audio is now launching a full six-string electric guitar with additional functions perfect for one-man bands.

Dubbed the GTRS S800 Intelligent Guitar, the instrument not only plays as an electric guitar but also includes 126 different effects built in, a whole drum machine and even an 80-second looper. While it’s not entirely clear exactly how those functions are accessed, the company highlights what it calls a “Super-Knob” that’ll seemingly work in tandem with both a dedicated GTRS mobile app on your smartphone and an optional GWF4 wireless footswitch.

There’s currently no pricing information or launch dates for the GTRS S800 Intelligent Guitar, but Mooer will soon be launching an Indiegogo page for the project. Those interested can head over to the company’s website to learn more.

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