Celebrating Los Angeles and its diverse creative community, West Coast pioneers Born X Raised along with Mister Cartoon, have joined forces on a new graphic capsule collection that further establishes their ongoing brand collaboration.

With tattoo and graffiti art serving as the basis for MC’s brand identity, the new capsule showcases unique art designs featured on lifestyle items including tents, aprons, blankets and coolers. Wearable items include oversized button-up shirts, striped tops, T-shirts, roomy pants and accessories that bear the iconic Born X Raised logo.

In particular, the design duo has shared that there’s “a $3,000 USD one-of-a-kind cooler designed by Mister Cartoon with a custom gold leaf paint from Philip Finelines and candy painted to perfection by Albert Sr and Jr DeAlba of Cal Blast.”

More information on the brand collaboration can be found on the brand’s website, as the exclusive capsule collection is now available.

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