2020 and a bulk of 2021 have no doubt been tough years, but luckily the Internet’s favorite organizer (and almost life guru) Marie Kondo is now back to help you spark some joy.

Teaming up with Netflix once again, Kondo will feature in a three-episode series aptly named Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo. According to the streaming platform’s synopsis, the show will move beyond her previous Tidying Up — which mainly focuses on cleaning homes — into the workplace. The Japanese sensation will apply her KonMari method to demonstrate how its philosophy can improve “businesses, relationships and communities.” Similar to the effect on her fans who have watched her previous shows or read her books, Netflix says that “the impacts of tidying are surprising, emotional and transformative in the lives of the people Marie meets.” As a bonus, we’ll even get to look inside Kondo’s own humble abode and meet her joy-sparking family.

For fans of Kondo, Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo will arrive on Netflix August 31.

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