Lacoste Ladies Open De France took over Deauville, France for a showcase in fashion and the best in women’s golf. The top players in the world came to compete, including Celine Boutier, Johanna Gustavsson and Meghan Maclaren.

To celebrate the cherished tournament Lacoste hosted Le Club Lacoste Deauville, a celebration, fashion presentation and night-tournament with a group of stylish and creative players who are redefining the game today. Each player brought a unique approach and perspective to the sport, and the meeting of minds represented the intersection between fashion and golf that’s setting the standard for the next generation.

The group of amateur players started their morning with a lesson at the driving range from legacy LPGA and European Tour golfers Patricia Meunier-Lebouc, Gregory Havret and Raphael Jacquelin. During the session, each player was given coaching to match their game, including short game and driving instruction. Afterwards, the group headed out to the course to support Lacoste’s very own Celine Boutier, watching her on 17 and 18 as she finished out her round.

Hypegolf later caught up with the professional to hear more thoughts on the weekend and how she presents herself on the course. “I think comfort is the most important thing. I definitely try to pick clothes that I’m comfortable with. I also want to feel confident with the way that I look and what I’m wearing. I feel like the way you present yourself matters a lot. I’m dressed by my sponsor Lacoste and I’m grateful to work with such a stylish company for my clothes on the course.” 1 of 6

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Following the tournament, the group shared an evening dinner at the clubhouse before playing a night scramble with their mentors from earlier in the morning. Raphael Jacquelin joined up with Nikki Blades, TJ Mizell and Igor Haenel; Gregory Havret partnered Fabia Bengs, Kareem Smith and Chase Marchetti; then Patricia Meunier-Lebouc anchored the team of Karima Hassan, Annabel Angel, Jérémy Chatelain and Jared Jacobs.

Illuminated tee boxes, glow-stick-lined fairways, and crocodiles hidden throughout the course created an otherworldly experience setting the night’s tone. As each player teed off, neon balls lit up the sky like shooting stars darting through the night. The scenery created an energy that brought the best out of each player’s golfing spirit.

The groups were close on the final hole, and any team could have taken the prize. Putting first, Igor Haenel hit a glowing 15-foot putt to seal the win, making each team laugh, shout and cheer in excitement in an unconventional golfing manner. The winning team was presented their trophy Lacoste duffels at the award ceremony while celebrating over drinks and macarons.

With its intersection of art and fashion, the Lacoste Ladies Open is becoming one of the most forward-thinking tournaments in professional golf. And the Le Club Lacoste Deauville experience was one of those days that reminds you what makes golf one of the greatest sports – the ability to share meaningful experiences with new friends, all while hitting pure golf shots.

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