After crafting a visual language that was synonymous with the identity of Printworks’ Fall/Winter 2021 season, visual art collective, United Visual Artists has connected with Broadwick Live to create, curate, and deliver the creative concept for London’s new immersive space, Drumsheds.

The evolution of the partnership between Broadwick Live and UVA will see the realization of a vision to immerse audiences and deliver an “unparalleled experience” in the 608,000 sqft warehouse by combining art, technology, lighting, and spatial design.

Curated by Broadwick, Drumsheds is the most ambitious space that the team has taken on. And while Broadwick’s portfolio includes creating concepts for some of the UK’s most impressive experience-led brands — such as Printworks, Beams, Field Day, and Depot Mayfield — the company’s latest project looks to create real impact through pure yet powerful live experiences in unique spaces that are home to communities and culture.

With this in mind, the new space at Drumsheds will explore how the existing properties of architecture collide with panoramic screens, while immaterial walls of light are used to captivate the audience across three expansive rooms; Room X, Room Y, and Room Z. Through the use of volumetric light and kinetic truss movement, the tech will craft an environment that not only changes but also confronts perspective and guest experiences that can be molded to each show.

Additionally, Drumsheds will use its space — which has been reimagined from unused warehouses — to break free from the constraints of traditional spaces with a blank canvas design and state-of-the-art infrastructure. It’s a venue designed without walls and is home to festivals, large-scale entertainment, private parties, fashion exhibitions, and more.

You can take a closer look inside Drumsheds above, and the venue will open this weekend in the North London industrial Meridian Water zone, only 4 minute from Tottenham Hale.

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