When the leaves are changing colors and the weather is starting to cool, it can only mean one thing – Pumpkin Spice Latte season is hitting Starbucks. This Fall season, the iconic drinks is celebrating its 20th birthday with the help of prolific American designer Colm Dillane aka KidSuper. Giving back to their supportive community and fans of 20 years, Starbucks has partnered with KidSuper for a limited-edition varsity jacket that pays homage to the staple beverage.

The Team PSL Varsity jacket is inspired by the coziness of the Fall drink as well as seasonal motifs like the falling and changing leaves. The jacket features Dillane’s signature vibrant vision, utilizing bold designs that merge rich autumnal tones with all things pumpkin spice and fall. The jacket arrives in a two-tone hue that resembles the cinnamon and pumpkin-infused deepness of the PSL. Staying true to the varsity theme, the jacket comes with Starbucks, KidSuper and PSL badges stitched onto the chest and arms of the jacket. The liner of the jacket also sees common expressions used by PSL fans in Dillane’s handwriting and illustrations.

Known for his vivid imagination and youthfulness to his collections, KidSuper’s rendition of the PSL varsity jacket speaks to the joys of fall, celebrating the iconic flavor combination of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove through fashion. Just like how the drink feels like a warm hug, so does the varsity jacket on a cool, autumn day. In anticipation of the drop, KidSuper spoke to Hypebeast about the process in an exclusive conversation.

Hypebeast: Your collaboration with Starbucks is a unique moment for the global coffee brand. Often, we see Starbucks merch to be along the lines of mugs and reusable tumblers. What does adding a fashion element to a brand like Starbucks mean to you? a. Specifically, can you describe what it is like to create a fashionable homage to the PSL?

Colm Dillane: What I love about Starbucks is that it’s not just coffee. It’s a cultural phenomenon. Adding a fashion element takes that coffee experience beyond the café and allows people to express their love for coffee in a different way.

As for the PSL, it’s a symbol of fall! We wanted to capture the essence of it into the design – from the color palette to the textures and patterns, it was a lot of fun to create.

The PSL has become an iconic cultural staple that is synonymous with the change in season. How did the PSL varsity jacket design come about? Can you talk about the elements that you have added to the piece that make it a Colm Dillane original?

Since this is the 20th birthday, Starbucks wanted to celebrate all the PSL fans with something special. With our Team PSL Varsity Jacket, there are a lot of signature elements to the jacket that I feel clearly show it is a KidSuper design, while also paying homage to Starbucks and the PSL. 

From the lining, which has expressions of PSL fan love written in my handwriting to the embroidered falling leaves, we have a lot of fun surprises throughout.

Most recently, Hypebeast had the pleasure of attending your theatrical presentation of your last KidSuper collection in Paris and one thing that we’ve noted is that you always find a way to inject fun into everything that you do. What was the process like creating for Starbucks and how did it differ or draw similarities to how you would normally design for KidSuper? 

Awesome! Designing for Starbucks was a unique and exciting experience. When I was approached by them, I knew I had to respect and honor the brand’s identity and values, while finding a way to infuse my own creativity. 

In terms of similarities, I always strive to tell a story through my designs, whether it’s for KidSuper or a collaboration like this one. Both projects allowed me to weave a narrative into the design process.

The process was a lot of fun, and an opportunity to share my artistic vision with a broader audience and inject a bit of KidSuper’s playful spirit into a globally recognized brand.

This past year has been a busy one for you. You kicked off the year with your collection for Louis Vuitton and later a collaboration with the NBA, UGGs and Barnsley FC. How would you describe your trajectory in the industry so far? 

It’s been amazing! Each partnership allowed us to infuse KidSuper’s energy and aesthetic into these iconic brands, resulting in some pretty cool and memorable collections!

KidSuper has been about breaking down traditional barriers in fashion and embracing a more diverse approach. I think our collaborations reflect that spirit, as we’ve brought a fresh perspective to each project, challenging conventions, and reimagining what’s possible.

Can you tell us a little more about what we can expect from KidSuper in the near future? 

As for the future, we’ll continue to explore new creative avenues and partnerships, pushing the envelope and surprising our fans. Whether it’s through fashion, art, or other forms of expression, we will remain a platform for innovation, storytelling, and a celebration of individuality. Stay tuned! There’s lots to come…

Ending on a more personal note – what is your go-to Starbucks order? 

Of course, I love the PSL. But outside of fall, I’m a huge fan of their Chai Tea.

The KidSuper Studios x Starbucks Team PSL Varsity Jacket is set for pre-order during a limited-edition drop on the 20th birthday of the drink on October 10 at 11 a.m. EST at KidSuper.
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