When Kelly Ripa proudly announced that her husband of many years Mark Consuelos would join her as the new co-host of Live, fans had mixed reactions. Though the dynamic between the two means they know each other and have more chemistry than Ripa can ever have with anyone else, it also means that the morning conversation can quickly escalate to ultra-personal or even NSFW content quite easily.

And, with this week marking the first days for the new co-hosts, fans have been quick to criticize Ripa and Consuelos for the latter. “So you guys will talk about your marriage and life at home all morning?” one viewer wrote on Twitter, per Daily Mail. “Maybe you two need a reality show [instead].” Rough!

As for what the two talked about to garner such criticism, Ripa talked about Consuelos’ snoring during the episode on April 18. In addition to playing a clip of the Riverdale actor’s snoring (which he was completely unaware of), Ripa then went into detail about her nightly rituals to get her husband to be more silent.

“Most nights, that’s how I wake up,” Ripa said. “That’s my mid-evening alarm. First I hit the bed, that doesn’t do the trick so then I shove my foot into the side of him, which usually re-positions him, but then that makes the sound louder. It goes into surround sound. What I find works lately, I push my finger into him and for some reason that works, it wakes him up.”

Consuelos, for his turn, was not only worried his wife has to go through all that effort everyday, but was seemingly slightly uncomfortable for having to discuss it all on live TV.


Regardless of the critics, Ripa and Consuelos told Us Weekly they’re excited for the new chapter together.

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