Lottie Moss has shared her anguish with her Instagram followers after an incredibly painful procedure to get her face fillers dissolved.

The 25 year old star, who is the younger half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss, took to her stories to open up on her plight, as she lamented the ultra expensive cost and pain in her cheeks and lips.

After initially having the fillers put in for £450, she was frustrated and confused that the procedure to have them dissolved cost the exact same price.

The OnlyFans model also admitted to her fans that she hadn't been expecting her face to get even more swollen straight after the treatment.

Initially sharing a selfie clip of herself pouting to the camera, Lottie said excitedly: "Got all my filler dissolved today yay can't wait to not look like handsome Squidward."

But hours later, the star groaned as she was struggling to get on with her day in so much pain.

"So I was tricked. Before the filler dissolves it gets more swollen apparently," Lottie explained.

"Also, I can't laugh because it hurts like a f*****g b***h. I don't know why. I said to [the surgeon] 'would it hurt throughout the day?' and he said no.

"I can't laugh because it hurts so badly. So I have to go like 'this'," the model continued with a frown.

"And now I look even more demented than when I went into the doctor's office to begin with."

The star went on: "Also can we just talk about the fact that it cost me £450 to get it dissolved. Excuse me? Like, that's literally not what I signed up for.

"I paid £450 to get it done and now I have to pay £450 to get it dissolved. The math ain't mathing," she added in annoyance.

It comes as Lottie recently opened up on her controversial decision to have a bold tattoo inked on her face, and later to have it removed.

The star shared an insight into the tattoo process and went on to blame alcohol for being the main reason she took the plunge and had a permanent tattoo of the word lover on her cheek.

"Don't drink alcohol kids!" the star said in a video on her Instagram.

"I don't have a lot to say about last night really beside the fact this could have been without doing… but I don't mind it, we're going to learn to love it, the world will learn to love it and my mum will learn to love it," she said at the time.

Four months after the inking, Lottie used laser tattoo removal to have it erased.


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