If there’s anything we’ve learned about Cardi B over the years, it’s that she speaks her truth! From her thoughts about going makeup-free, to her candid feedback after trying ballet for the first time, and even her NSFW lyrics, the woman does not hold back and we love her for it. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Cardi got graphic when talking about her new song “Up” and the meaning behind the lyrics.

The supersexy song was released earlier this month with an accompanying video that left our jaws on the floor. But after her interview with Fallon, Cardi hilariously explained that the lyric has more to do with the bathroom than the bedroom. “So, have you ever taken a poop and it doesn’t come out? It’s just up and it’s stuck,” Cardi asked Fallon who clearly did not expect that answer based on his facial expression alone. The rapper shared that her husband Offset says “it’s up then it’s stuck” all the time. It also could be interpreted as a metaphor for her success! Watch the epic video above, and we’ll be adding this to the growing list of reasons why we love Cardi B.

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