Formed by Jaden Smith, his sister Willow, and friends such as actor Moises Arias in 2012, MSFTSrep is a fashion label for young people, particularly “misfits” who feel like they don’t fit in the norm. In its latest 2022 collection titled “Trippy Summer,” the brand explores psychedelic patterns inspired by the singer-actor’s fascination with magic mushrooms in a series of knitwear, jeans, hoodies, and more.

Leading the lineup is a knitted crewneck sweater that sees spiral stripes of bright pink and blue, accompanied by a pair of matching drawstring swim shorts. Another “trippy” design is the pair of mid-rise straight-legged long pants decorated with black and white spiral stripes. Other standout pieces include the blue knitted V-neck vest, the black hoodie, and the 5-pocket jeans, all adorned with the MSFTSrep shooting star logo. Rounding off the range are basic logo T-shirts coming in black and white colorways.

Speaking to MR PORTER on the latest collection, Smith says, “I believe that mushrooms are going to help us expand consciousness. The collection is not just clothes to sell. It’s loaded with spiritual experiences and mystical states. We’re just making clothes that can go along with people’s journeys.” The multi-hyphenate expands on the design inspiration, “We’re taking advantage of the certain visual cues that happen when you’re on mushrooms. Things slightly move. If you give something the feeling of motion, when you’re on mushrooms and you look at it, your brain will finish the work and put it in motion so that you’re like, ‘Holy f**k! His pants are moving.’”

MSFTSrep’s 2022 “Trippy Summer” collection and other new releases are now available on HBX, with prices ranging from $80 to $410 USD.

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