It is not every day that one can step inside the home of a reggaeton star. In the latest Design Issue of Wallpaper*, J Balvin takes fans on an exclusive tour of his tranquil and minimalist Medellín mountain retreat.

Named Casa Aire, Balvin worked alongside the architects at Cinco Sólidos to develop his zen escape from the hustling and bustling nature of his career. Sitting atop a lush mountain, the home has an aerial view of the infinite sea of green below, just an hour outside his hometown. The architectural design offers a balance between all five natural elements – earth, water, fire, air and aether – grounding the global star during his downtime from the world.

The home incorporates natural elements inside and outside, ensuring a seamless connection between nature and the structure. Staying true to the principles of feng shui, one can find ancient bonsai and Spanish olive trees incorporated into the exterior environment. Reminiscent to his Llanogrande home, which he also worked in partnership with Cinco Sólidos, this mountain villa in features ample influence from Japanese aesthetics. Japanese water features are a comforting contrast to the earthy hues and light olive green accents. An affinity for all things Japanese, the bedroom sees colorful artworks by Takashi Murakami hung in the bedrooms.

The property also includes a pastel pink and blue basketball court, a playful nod to the artist’s style. While his fashion style is often described as eccentric and vibrant, Balvin’s architectural inspiration seems to be quite the opposite, focusing on calmness and subtlty. He explains his vision for the home, “It’s really, really subtle, because one thing is the way I express myself as an artist, the other one is the way my soul expresses itself. This is my soul here. I’m not about flexing. When I come back home, my soul rests. It’s not about showing off, it’’s about creating something with nature. Like everything in life, the simple things are the most amazing.”

Casa Aire features three bedrooms, all expanding towards a cantilevered deck that offers uninterrupted views of the Andean mountains. The property is described as J Balvin’s own personal sanctuary, incorporating “balance, peace and inspiration.” This is the third home J Balvin has designed with Cinco Sólidas. Take a scroll above and step inside his tranquil escape. For more information, check out Cinco Sólidas.

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