HUF has come together to with Marvel to release a commemorative capsule collection to celebrate the 60th anniversary of X-Men.

The X-Men comic was originally created in 1963 and the story surrounded a team of fictional mutant heroes with the special abilities who fought to protect humans from terrorist mutants while also eliminating the prejudice humans had against mutants. Its film franchise began in 2000, introducing Hugh Jackman to the world as his iconic Wolverine character. The collaboration pays homage to the Marvel world through oversized pieces and graphics inspired by the 1990s aesthetics.

The collection features long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts with bold comic-like graphics of the X-Men characters. Other pieces include a button up shirt, sweater and a black denim jacket with bold printed graphics. Wolverine’s clawed hand motifs are a highlight amongst most of the pieces. The monochromatic knit is a nod to vintage comics and its style. Other accessories include caps, beanies, socks, stickers and decks. The collection is available on HUF flagship stores and online starting today.

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