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This Weekend I Have … a Half-Hour, and I’m Lovelorn

‘Bob’s Burgers’
When to watch: Sunday, at 8:30 p.m., on Fox.

Linda and Bob Belcher are the present-day Morticia and Gomez Addams, a power couple with a beautiful if very specific romance. And that can make it hard for the heartsick around them, including Linda’s friend Gretchen (“Do you have an M.B.A., Linda? ’Cause you’re all up in my business.”) and the eldest Belcher child, Tina, who is so boy crazy that after a perceived rejection this week, she falls in love with a goose. Whom she names Bruce. Look out, Mandarin Duck!

… an Hour, and I’m Pop Savvy

‘Documentary Now!’
When to watch: Now, on

Season 3 of “Documentary Now!” starts on TV next week, but the season’s first episode — a two-parter — is already available free online. It’s a spoof of last year’s hit Netflix documentary mini-series “Wild Wild Country,” and it stars Necar Zadegan and Owen Wilson as an agitated acolyte and a doofy guru. This is one of the episodes that is funny only if you’ve seen what’s being satirized, but if you have (and you should!), this is brilliant.

… 4 Hours, and I Didn’t Love the ’90s

When to watch: Starting Friday, on Amazon.

This four-part documentary is a fascinating look at the infamous ’90s tabloid saga surrounding John and Lorena Bobbitt. Much like “O.J.: Made in America,” though, the series is about a lot more than the specifics of one incident. It is a thorough, often jarring social history. The director Joshua Rofé ticks through all the lurid details, but he also spins the story into a broader look at violence against women and at misogyny — and how that crushing, pervasive sexism manifests itself in intimate relationships, in friendships and in society and pop culture.

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