Heidi Klum couldn’t look any happier to be sharing the spotlight with her daughter, Leni, in new behind-the-scenes images from their Harper’s Bazaar Germany cover shoot. It’s a thrill to watch the mother and daughter enjoy a career that has given them so much joy.

The photos were taken at that golden hour just before the sun sets, so the duo is bathed in gorgeous light. (See the photos HERE.) Both are dancing together in couture outfits — Leni in a pristine white dress with scalloped edges and Heidi in a blush-fringed flapper dress. Their happiness and laughter jump off the screen as the mother-of-four hugs, dips and jitterbugs with her oldest daughter. You can tell they had an absolute blast working together at this shoot. Heidi captioned the carousel, “Moments like this …..” with a heart emoji at the end.

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Leni is making quite a name for herself in modeling, especially as her mom’s mini-me, but she did something very dramatic to distinguish herself from her supermodel mom recently. The 17-year-old rising star just dyed her hair a chestnut brown, so she looks just a little bit different from Heidi. It’s the perfect shade for the teen because it makes her stunning blue eyes pop even more in her photos.

There’s no doubt we are watching the next generation of supermodels take over the runway, but what makes this moment in time so sweet is that their moms are still working in the industry, too. Leni, along with Kaia Gerber and Lila Moss Hack, is carving out a name for themselves as legacies of the women who inspired an entire generation.

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