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I have been banging on about Sandra Oh for years. Years. I was a Grey’s Anatomy die-hard from the show’s very beginning in 2005 and her Cristina Yang was my kind of woman. I do not know how many times I watched her dance it out with “her person”, Meredith, or get blasted by that bloody air vent, but I was enough of a superfan for my Stylist colleagues to know that should the opportunity ever arise to talk to her, I would want it.

Obviously Oh is no longer in Grey’s Anatomy. It’s 2021 and Cristina Yang has been heading up a Swiss research hospital since Season 11, so I need to move on. Because Oh has. And she’s been terribly busy.

Playing MI6 operative Eve Polastri in the award-winning Killing Eve. Being named by Time as one of the world’s most influential people. Co-hosting the Golden Globes. Guest presenting Saturday Night Live. Giving an impassioned speech at a Stop Asian Hate rally in March 2021. Even if your eyes have never scanned the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial, there’s no way you cannot have felt her impact.

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Image: Phil Poynter/Trunk Archive

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