Frank Ocean has returned with new merchandise. Rather than the jewelry he’s been putting out through his Homer label, the artist’s latest collection celebrates his blonded radio show.

The drop features four t-shirts, two posters and a one-of-a-kind vinyl. Among the shirts, all of which are in black, one features the classic blonded radio logo, while another shows just the word “radio” floating against a neon box logo. Both advertise Ocean’s show as boasting “post radio quality since 2017” in small white text.

There’s also a t-shirt emblazoned with a graphic of the artist hard at work on his computer —hopefully working on some new music. In an unexpected twist, the last t-shirt comes with a graphic of actor Jeremy Strong, who Ocean is apparently friends with.

Two posters keep up the theme with warped patterns of Ocean and Strong, respectively. Perhaps the most exciting piece in the mix, however, is a vinyl of his 2016 LP Blonde. This drop marks the first time Ocean has restocked the vinyl in years and fans have been forced to resort to searching for second-hand, surcharged versions online if they want to get their hands on one.

The vinyl pack comes with two records, a poster with lyrics from the album and another poster showing Ocean, and once again, Strong. Almost all the items included in the drop are already sold out, save for the poster of Strong.

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