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Donald Trump’s third run for president might seem perplexing to some voters who know how complicated the former president’s legal woes are. With a possible third and fourth indictment in his future, the natural reaction would be to drop out of the race. However, some experts think he’s running for office to strategize a delay with his legal entanglements. 

The New Republic‘s Michael Tomasky thinks Donald Trump has one plan only and it’s “to stay out of prison.” Michael Beschloss, presidential historian and author of Presidents of War: The Epic Story, from 1807 to Modern Times, already told NBC News that he believes that Donald Trump is gearing up for a “presidential dictatorship” if he wins, and Tomasky takes that idea a step further by noting how Donald Trump can escape every last legal worry. 

“What are the advantages of being president for life? Free housing, free travel, endless opportunities to grift your gullible followers, all the Thousand Island dressing you could dream of,” Tomasky wrote. “But the biggest perk of all? No one can throw your corrupt ass in jail. At least not now, not how our laws are written and have been interpreted.” If you paid attention in history class, this is your reminder that sitting presidents cannot be prosecuted. 

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Tomasky is alleging that Donald Trump wants to win the presidency, not to help U.S. citizens live a better life, but instead to use his executive privileges to “wipe these indictments off the books.” It would be an easy out for Donald Trump if he is elected back to the White House — and it’s just another example of a political expert sounding the alarm to Americans. “The time to get Trump is now,” Tomasky summed up. The warning shot about Donald Trump has been fired over and over again, but his voter base is likely not listening.

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