Following the release of the Nike “FLUX DUNK” and accompanying Fanatics’ zerocool collectible cards, CLOT has returned with its latest collaboration celebrating Street Fighter™ II. Teaming up with ARCADE1UP, the streetwear name put together a limited-edition Street Fighter™ II Big Blue Arcade Machine. The special cabinet highlights three decades of gaming glory of one of the greatest video games of all time.

Released back in 1991, Capcom‘s iconic title pioneered the fighting game genre with its distinct one-on-one fighting system with a variety of characters defined by their unique fighting styles.

The CLOT x ARCADE1UP Street Fighter™ II Big Blue Arcade Machine features a striking burning Silk Royale design and comes loaded with a game list of twelve classic Capcom titles. Aside from Street Fighter™ II Championship Edition, other titles include Super Street Fighter™ II Turbo, Darkstalkers™: The Night Warriors, Saturday Night Slam Masters™ and more with Wi-Fi features. The cabinet itself is custom-shaped to resemble Capcom’s arcade cabinets from the ’90s complete with a matching custom rise, light-up marquee and deck, authentic arcade controls and matching stool.

To mark the collaboration, CLOT has also put together an accompanying apparel range centered around iconic characters and elements from Street Fighter™ II. Comprised of hoodies and T-shirts, the range features Ryu, Ken Masters, Fei Long, Dhalsim, M. Bison, Balrog, Sagat and Vega rendered in fitting pixelated form. The graphic motifs each feature a CLOT spin with the label’s logo and Silk Royale patterns incorporated playfully.

Priced at $850 USD, the CLOT x ARCADE1UP Street Fighter™ II Big Blue Arcade Machine and accompanying apparel collection are available now at JUICE.

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