Street Fighter legends Chun-Li and Ryu are once again reuniting with the Power Rangers in the two franchise’s latest crossover on nWay’s Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

Unlike previous collaborations such as 2018’s Power Rangers: Legacy Wars — which included Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma, Cammy and M. Bison — the latest crossover offers more than just porting the two Street Fighters into the game. Instead, they’ll get their own ranger suit, with Chun-Li making her entrance as the Blue Phoenix Ranger and Ryu as the Crimson Hawk Ranger. Both characters will be available as part of the Street Fighter DLC Pack, which will also introduce other “exclusive skins” that the developer has yet to reveal. Alternatively, you can purchase each character individually for $6 USD.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.

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