Having just released his first collegiate collection a year ago, archive page aplasticplant now hosts his first physical activation at SVRN, a newly-renovated luxury retailer in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.  Building upon APP’s slogan, “when you feel useless just remember you breathe out carbon dioxide for plants,” the store interiors are decorated with an abundance of flowers, both dry and living, which provide a stark contrast to the concrete and dark volcanic stone makeup of SVRN’s interiors.

“Flowers naturally put a smile on people’s faces, and our goal with the pop-up being themed as a flower shop is to spread good energy and light. The text on our collaborative shirt and tote reads ‘Keep breathing the plants need it,’ alluding to the fact that everyone’s presence is precious, and that no matter what, you occupying space helps the world grow,” writes SVRN.

Merchandise available at the pop-up includes exclusive SVRN x aplasticplant collaborative tees and totes as well as aplasticplant’s latest collection which includes T-shirts, hoodies, and a wristband. Bouquets will also be on sale with all proceeds going to Mental Health America. A space in the store will also be available for individuals to write positive affirmation notes, similar to the ones Plant writes in his captions, which will be tied to a tree branch. Finally, cold-pressed juice will be available as refreshments from JuiceRX featuring a variety of green juices as well as smaller health shots available for everyone’s enjoyment.

“This is all so surreal to me because this really has been a dream for so long and it’s all coming to life,” writes the curator of aplasticplant. “One of my early followers reminded me how I talked about hosting a pop-up almost three years ago and now it’s actually happening. More than anything I’m most excited to see the community out in the real world that we built an online presence all these years. This entire pop-up is focused for the people and giving back as much as possible. I’m really excited and would love to do these pop-ups in other cities as well in the near future.”

The aplasticplant x SVRN pop-up runs over the weekend from October 15 to 16.

171 N Aberdeen Street,
Chicago, IL

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