Amoako Boafo unveiled a new multi-purpose art space in his hometown of Accra, Ghana. Designed by Ghanaian-British architect David Adjaye, dot.ateliers will serve as a hybrid studio, gallery, cafe and library.

“I hope the community finds it to be a space they can be proud of and engage with, whether they are participating or are part of the audience,” said Boafo in an interview with Cultured Magazine. The title of the building is a witty nod to how a dot both ends and starts a sentence. “After a dot is a whole new beginning and a universe of possibilities, which are made possible by the previous sentence or the past,” Boafo added.

The artist understands the importance of having a community center where the only limits to creativity is one’s own imagination. “Growing up I longed for a space where I could express myself creatively within my community and the much-needed support to do so and access to interdisciplinary dialogues and educational materials to help me on my chosen path. I gained exposure and experienced the possibilities later; and the moment I could afford to, I started to create the space within my community for others that I wished I had,” Boafo explained.

Built with sustainability in mind, the three-story space features a low carbon footprint and will commence early next year as fellows Dzidefo Amegatsey, Crystal Yayra Anthony, M. Florine Démoshthéne, Clotilde Jiménez, and Zandile Tshabalal set up residency at the studio.

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