AMBUSH is back with its yearly drop of Daruma dolls, celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with traditionally painted figures coated in metallic pink. All of AMBUSH’s sculptures are produced in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, home to Shorinzan Darumaji temple which is famous for the auspicious round Daruma dolls.

In Japanese culture, the Daruma dolls are often placed at homes or businesses as a symbol of good fortune and perseverance. The 2023 edition dolls feature wide-eyed bunny features with the Chinese character for fortune painted in gold on the chest and the AMBUSH logo brushed in calligraphy along the back. Complimenting the Daruma doll release is a new AMBUSH Bunny Charm Necklace coming in a special pink color for the Lunar New Year.

The AMBUSH Bunny Daruma and Charm Necklace will be available via AMBUSH Workshop, AMBUSH Workshop 2, and AMBUSH Hankyu Umeda on January 2 for ¥26,400 and ¥37,400 JPY (approximately $196 to $278 USD) respectively.

In other news, the Royal Canadian Mint’s Black Toonie goes into circulation in Canada.
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