Hong Kong’s Simon Lee Gallery is currently displaying a selection of new abstract paintings byAlex Hubbard. The Los Angeles-based artist specializes in developing works through various mediums including video art, sculpture and painting. He is also known for incorporating a range of industrial materials such as resin, urethane, oil and wax. Oftentimes, he records himself assembling, transforming and deconstructing everyday objects. Altogether, Hubbard’s practice places emphasis on materiality.

“Hubbard embraces chance happenings, revealing the autonomy of his chosen media. Nonetheless, compositional spontaneity is achieved through meticulous layering that results in unexpected formal and chemical combinations,” said the gallery in a statement. “His latest process involves UV printing technology that unites the languages of abstraction and figuration in a single canvas via underlying prints of machinery and everyday items.”

Check out select works in the slideshow above. The exhibition is on view until March 13, visit Simon Lee Gallery’s website to learn more.

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Simon Lee Gallery
304, 3/F the Pedder Building
12 Pedder Street
Central Hong Kong
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